About Me

Hello! My name is Jose Andre Porras Campos. I am an aspiring Software Engineer with a passion for Theoretical Computer Science and Mathematical Optimization. I like to constantly challenge myself with new projects, therefore I programmed this website. I want to persure a career in. On my free time I like to hike in nature and travel to different countries. I love meeting new people, feel free to connect with me!


  • Computer Science Teaching Assistant 09/2022-Present

    I have been a teaching assistant for over a year now. I have assisted in the classes that teach the mathematical concepts required for Computer Science, as well as the introductory sequence for Data Structures and Algorithms. In Fall 2023, I took a leadership position in a laboratory that teaches programming principles to people without a coding experience. This has increased my abilities to clearly communicate my ideas as well as work in a group with other assistants.

  • College of Science and Engineering Ambassador 09/2022-09/2023

    After starting college I found a new passion on organization and planning. This is why I decided to join the College of Science and Engineering Ambassador program to meet with a new student several times throughout their first year at the university to discuss college objectives, and plan for a timely graduation while participating in extracurricular activities.


  • University of Minnesota: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    Relevant coursework: Software Engineering, Algorithms and Data Structures, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Optimization for Machine Learning

  • University of Minnesota: Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering

    Relevant coursework: Engineering Economics, Optimization Models and Methods, Sytems Engineering

  • Carnegie Mellon University: Deep Learning Executive Education


These are some bear images I created using the Midjourney A.I. Other than my passion for different technologies, I have a passion for hiking and exploring different national parks around the United States.